Tuesday, September 4, 2007


It just came to my mind yesterday while walking down the street. I was thinking of someone who went through a lot of emotional pain recently and started feeling better as time passed. Then, I recalled having read about the "heirarchy of needs" that starts from physiological upto the self-actualization. As it says, people climb up this ladder from most basic to most advanced needs in their life. But, what about people who were somewhere in the middle and fell down the ladder? Let's say falling from the fulfilled need of "love and belonging" to the unfortunate search for food, water or shelter due to compulsions of this life. And, even people who dropped from the level of fulfilled esteem or self-actualization to the search for "love and belonging". Once these people on the higher level encounter sudden change of fortune, can they go back after the misfortune has passed? I think it all depends. That's where one of the most needed human quality comes in. It's called the resilience. The resilience to weather the storm. The resilience to not be arrogant. The resilience to be flexible and the resilience to have no fear. One who doesn't fear conquers all. But, this statement shouldn't be taken from the view of a conquerer. This should be understood from a view of devotion and sacrifice. If one doesn't fear losing material things, he becomes fearless. Just close your eyes and see if it's merely the attachment that holds you back. The attachment to your unblemished record, or to your wealth, or to your well-cherished ego, or to your relationships. And, you shall understand the subtle and gradual immersion of your mind and soul into the material world. It would be very hard to let it all go.

So, going back to the needs, ask yourself what was the most unfortunate thing that happened to you. Then, think about someone who may have gone through even worst and survived. There can be many inferences that you can make out of this recollection. But, there is one I especially like. ....That......these are life's lessons that make one grow. People have been and will fall onto the steps of these ladders. But, everything single bit of it will give you a lesson and, in time, you will become a mature and thankful person for what you have got. It will take time. It will require patience. There are no shortcuts to the experience. Experience is part of this life and it shall stay. Experience matures the creatures and makes them capable of fulfilling their needs. Even in love, people make mistakes. But, keep in mind that when you have the guts to be kind when you can rather be right, you will see more love and your kindness will just melt the soul of everyone around you. So, cherish the experiences and live happily......To end, I will give you this beautiful rhyme from Kabir:

Dheere Dheere Re Mana, Dheere Sub Kutch Hoye.
Mali Seenche So Ghara, Ritu Aaye Phal Hoye
[Slowly slowly O mind, everything happens in own pace.
Gardner may water a hundred buckets, but fruit arrives only in its season]

God bless all!!!