Tuesday, March 17, 2009

गुरु गुण

सब धरती कागद करे, लेखनी सब बनराय।
सात समुन्दर की मसि करे, गुरु गुण लिखा न जाय॥

(May you turn all earth into reams of paper, forest into your pen; And the seven seas into your ink, Still the glory of a guru is hard to script.)
Pic: "Ram & Brothers in Gurukul" (Enjoy the lecture from Guru Vashisth here!!)

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Anonymous said...

What Guru vashishtha ji told to Ram that - " Learning make a person humble " .
Every human-being is expected to go for such learning talked by Guru ji, that leads to shredding of all ego & evil indoctrinated by the body not by eternal soul ; which leaves the body rendering its death.