Monday, April 20, 2009

Infant of the zodiac

People ask me why I call myself an optimist on this blog. Besides telling them that I am one, I tried to find out why it is so.

Was it because of life circumstances while growing up, or something more profound as effect of planets on me? It surprisingly comes very close. I have been brought up in the environment where people have set very proud examples to come out of extreme hardships or difficult life situations, even before my birth. On the other hand, it could be that the planet Mars (Lord of Aries) just had enough influence during my birth and I absorbed the flavor of the infant of the zodiac. Remember, how an infant is. A baby is very optimistic that he will get what he wants. The baby gets upset one moment and then forgets and smiles the next moment. The star signs possibly inculcate those instincts in any of its members they influence.

When I was a baby, my mother tells a story that when I got a bit stubborn for something that she didn't want to give, I will keep crying for 5 minutes, sitting close to her. Then, the next moment I will get distracted by a big ant crawling on the floor and stop crying. My mom used to just smile at that.

That was then. Now, that I have grown up, I don't do that anymore. :-) Part of the optimism comes from my strong belief that God has made me capable to achieve anything. But, if I keep asking, he is just going to laugh at it. Karm Yog teaches us that we are bound by our karmas, on which we have the control and not on the outcome. So, why not see the silver lining on every cloud you see. Too often people take events negatively or think of something that happened to them as bad part of destiny. Think of Geeta, you'll get only that much what you have been assigned. So, why worry and waste the precious life!!

Every human has hidden sleeping inner powers that can be harnessed to achieve anything. These powers put optimism and resilience in you that can sail you through any storm. So, go for it.

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