Saturday, February 2, 2008

A Land of Love, Purity and Sacrifice

A land so old that it has seen it all. A land where great gods have taken birth. A land where love is in everything and everyone. A land where the guest is considered a god. A land where yogis have scribed the vedas that liberate you from suffering. A land whose glory spans beyond the lifetime of most modern nations. A land where a kid doesn't talk back and remains silent even when a parent hits him. A land where people remain happy and satisfied despite poverty. A land where the real joy is found by many. A land that gave the number zero to this world. A land that is an example of Love, Purity and Sacrifice in its traditions, people and elements. A land that shows decency, morals and principles of life to the world. A land that makes its people proud for being their birthplace. A land where humans are seen as incarnations of god and goddess. This land brings examples so great that it gives:

* A river so proud that it sings...कि मेरे तट पर वो लोग आये, जिन्होंने ऐसे नियम बनाए । कि प्राण जाये...........पर वचन न जाये।
* A brother so loving that he ruled the kingdom by keeping his brother's खडाऊ (sandals) on the throne in his absence when his brother was sent to jungle for fulfilling their father's promise.
* A friend so affectionate that he gave away two worlds to his very poor friend in exchange for two handfuls of puffed rice that his friend brought for him to the palace.
* A wife so proud of her husband's dignity that she jumped into हवनकुंड (worship fireplace) when her father insulted her husband and did not invite him for the हवन (worship).
* A husband (shiv) considered so powerless that he exists in one inert form without his wife (shakti).
* A wife so daring that she brought her husband's soul (life) back from the hands of death (Yamraj).
* A king so truthful that he even sold himself and sat on the pyre to fulfill his words.
* A city so pure and intellectual that great pundits made its bank their karmbhumi and wrote vedas.
* A sister so caring that she tore her saree to make the band-aid for her brother's injured hand, thus starting the festival of Rakshabandhan.
* A mother with love so tender and such a provider that we name all objects that give, a mother.
* A student so devoted that he cut his thumb for his guru in exchange for the knowledge of supreme archery.
* A donor so great and brave that he gave away his divine body armour on demand from a brahmin even though that meant his death in the battleground.
* A devar so devoted that his drawn line on ground becomes a firewall for the safety of his bhabhi.
* A prince lord so loving that he ate the half-eaten berries saved by a lowly woman for his guest welcome.
* A singer so expert in the art that he brings the rain and fire with his perfect voice and acumen.
* A mother so protective that she comes in different forms to save the humanity and kill the demons.
* A father god so caring that he drinks the हलाहल विष (poison) to save the humanity and retains it in his throat.

Such is the history of this land of Bharat. This feat is just incomparable to any material achievements because it takes centuries when a culture becomes so refined with knowledge so deep that it becomes the basis of our life. In today's times, ignorance takes the form of so dark the clouds that a mind without an illumination from inside cannot understand the value of such non-materialistic virtues. Evolution brings the eternal change that better suits the plans of the nature and so will be demonstrated by these ages old virtues that have provided the light to this world again and again.