Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Art of forecasting

Even if the demand for all arts and sciences vanishes in future, never will be so the importance of forecasting as long as humans brains don't mutate. I started thinking about list of places this skill is sought after:

  • Astrology - future telling
  • Astronomy - forecasting what's going to hit what
  • Stock Markets - my account is up or down
  • Weather forecasting - rain or snow
  • Demand forecasting - who is going to eat what and when
  • List goes on...
Forecasting never bores people. They even find charm in the little strip of paper in the fortune cookie. Now that we see its importance in human lives, all we need to understand is how to develop a keen intuition that not only make you look more intelligent but make you handle human relationships properly. Intuition comes from practice, experience and control of internal energies. More later...

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