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This is a story with narration by Bhagwan Ram to Laxman's wife, Urmila...

When Queen Kaikeyi asked King Dashrath to fulfill his old granted promise, the queen asked that his eldest son, Ram, be sent to spend 14 years in the jungle so that her son, Bharat, can become the king of Ayodhya. Laxman, the second elder son, along with Sita, Ram's wife, also accompanied Bhagwan Ram to jungle.

Laxman left her wife Urmila behind in the palace and went to fulfill his father's promise under the harshest conditions of the jungle. One day just after they left, Urmila became anxious and resentful of Bhagwan Ram thinking that he conspired against her and took his wife Sita with him while they left her behind alone in Ayodhya. She went to bhagwan Ram and told him how betrayed and resentful she felt over this treatment. Ram, looking at her obvious pain, told her what no one knew and what was planned by the destiny (Vidhi ka Vidhaan, in Hindi) for all of them.

He said, he took Sita with him because she was to become the ultimate reason for the demise of cruel devils of King Ravan from this earth. However, this was not possible until Meghnath, Ravan's son, was alive, as he was a brave worrior and blessed with godly boons. Then, Ram explained to her how great her character has been placed in this plot of destiny that nothing will be greater than the sacrifice of Urmila and Laxman in this world. It takes a great soul to make that kind of sacrifice and Ram told her that her sacrifice will bless Laxman with immense powers who has been destined to kill Meghnath. And, that's why Laxman and Sita were accompanying him, as has been designed by the destiny. It was only bhagwan Ram, not even Laxman or Sita, who knew of such future events. After he told this to Urmila, she was very consoled and apologetic and prayed to bhagwan Ram, saying she will never worry again when he is with all of them.

The story above is full of highest moral lessons and teaches that no one is exempt from the plot of destiny. Not even bhagwan Ram could shorten the destiny's plan, as explained in Rahim in a doha below:

राम न जाते हरिन संग, सीय न रावन साथ ।
जो 'रहीम' भावी कतहुँ, होत आपने हाथ ॥

Meaning: (If destiny was in our hands, Ram would not have gone after that golden deer and Ravan would not have kidnapped Sita.)

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