Saturday, March 1, 2008

A million dollar question

A quick note from an article in a recent column. It goes like this:

Always try your best to make peace. In fact, it should be your obligation. Think for a moment about the reason why you would not even try to make things right. You might look foolish, waste your time, be embarrassed, you've already given so much and so on. All of these expressions are tied into the ego. If someone offered you a million dollars, you'd do it. So, why not do it now.

When I read this column today, I really liked the point it made. What it says is that many times it's hard to identify when the ego is involved. Because ego itself is so strongly attached with our thoughts that it is very difficult to discern for most people on when they are not acting out of ego. Ego always acts to satisfy itself. That is why not having it is considered an invaluable virtue, possessed only by a few.

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