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सिय स्वयम्वर

१. स्वयंवर सभा १ तथा स्वयम्वर सभा
२. धनुष भंग
३. परशुराम संवाद १ तथा संवाद २


When everyone seated in Janak sabha, both brother came along with Brahmarishi Vishwamitr...
राजकुंवर तेहि अवसर आए। मनहुं मनोहरता तन छाये॥
गुन सागर नागर बर बीरा। सुंदर स्यामल गौर सरीरा॥
Then, came forth the two princes, the very abodes of beauty as it were.
Oceans of goodness refined in culture gallant heroes of exceeding grace, one charmingly dark-hued, the other brightly fair.

राज समाज बिराजत रूरे। उडगन महुं जनु जुग बिधु पूरे॥
जिन्ह कें रही भावना जैसी। प्रभु मूरति तिन्ह देखी तैसी॥
Resplendent amidst the galaxy of kings, they shone like two full moons amid a circle of stars. The reflection of his own inner disposition, each one there saw in the form of Lord.

After welcoming the Rishi and two brothers, Janak invited Sita to the Swayamvar...
चली संग लै सखीं सयानी। गावत गीत मनोहर बानी॥
सोह नवल तनु सुंदर सारी। जगत जननि अतुलित छवि भारी॥

Sita stepped forth, amid her charming, clever companions. As they sang in lovely melodious voices. A beautiful sari adorned her youthful body, Mother of the world was she incomparable in her beauty.

रंगभूमि जब सिय पगु धारी। देखि रूप मोहे नर नारी॥
When Sita stepped into the arena, all beholders, gazed enraptured, men and women alike.

सिय चकित चित रामहि चाहा। भए मोहबस सब नरनाहा॥
मुनि समीप देखे दोउ भाई। लगे ललकि लोचन निधि पाई॥
While Sita shyly looked for Ram with an anxious heart in that sabha, Gripped in infatuation were all kings gathered there. Soon Sita discovered the brothers beside the Rishi, On them were fastened her lovingly greedy eyes, as on the long-lost treasure.

गुरुजन लाज समाजु बड़ देखि सीय सकुचानि।
लागि बिलोकन सखिन्ह तन रघुबीरहि उर आनि॥
As she saw the sages and the large assembly, A modest Sita retreated, shrinking into herself. She turned her eyes towards her companions, Yet having drawn Ram into her heart.
(Beautiful scene....must see in the video #1)

तब बंदीजन जनक बोलाए। बिरिदावली कहत चलि आए॥
कह नृपु जाइ कहहु पन मोरा। चले भाट हियँ हरषु न थोरा॥
Then King Janak summoned the bards, And they came singing the praises of royalty. King then ordered them to announce his promise to everyone, Even bards were immersed in great happiness.

नृपु भुजबलु बिधु सिवधनु राहू। गरुअ कठोर बिदित सब काहू॥
रावनु बानु महाभट भारे। देखि सरासन गवँहिं सिधारे॥
To the moon your valour this bow is the eclipse, Massive and unyielding it is all know. Even the mighty warriors Ravan and Baanasur slipped quietly away when the bow beheld.

सोइ पुरारि कोदंडु कठोरा। राज समाज आजु जोइ तोरा॥
त्रिभुवन जय समेत बैदेही। बिनहिं बिचार बरइ हठि तेहि॥
This day, whoever in this royal assembly breaks this yonder unbending bow. He who thus becomes the victor of three worlds, Him, the daughter of Janak (Vaidehi) shall marry, Forthwith and knowing no hesitation.

तमकि ताकि तकि सिवधनु धरहीं। उठइ न कोटि भाँति बलु करहीं॥
जिन्ह के कछु बिचारु मन माहीं॥ चाप समीप महीप न जाहीं॥
With angry looks and steady aim, they grasped the bow, The bow refused to be lifted for all their exertions. They that had some sense in them, Refrained from even going near the bow.

तमकि धरहिं धनु मूढ़ नृप उठइ न चलहिं लजाइ।
मनहुँ पाइ भट बाहुबलु अधिकु अधिकु गरुआइ॥
The fools among princes indignantly strained at it, But retreated in shame when the bow stirred not. As if by absorbing the strength of each, it grew heavier and heavier.

डगइ न संभु सरासनु कैसें। कामी बचन सती मनु जैसें॥
Shiva's bow stirred no more than a chaste lady's heart at the allurements of a gallant. (जैसे किसी सती का मन किसी कामी पुरुष के वचनों से कभी चलायमान नहीं होता। Great adjectives from Tulsidas...a rare sight in Kaliyug)
Then, King Janak got upset with all present and insulted their bravery. When Lakshaman heard his words, he got angry too and told Janak that when Raghukul prince Ram is present, Janak shouldn't speak such words. Ram then calms Lakshan down. At that moment,

बिस्वामित्र समय सुभ जानी। बोले अति सनेहमय बानी॥
उठहु राम भंजहु भवचापा। मेटहु तात जनक परितापा॥
Rishi Vishwamitr perceiving that the right moment had arrived, spoke in tones most endearing and soft. Arise, O'Ram and break the mighty bow of Shiva, And relieve father Janak of his deep distress.

सुनि गुरु बचन चरन सिरु नावा। हरषु बिषादु न कछु उर आवा॥
On hearing the Guru's words, Ram bowed in reverence, neither joy nor sorrow was in his tranquil heart.

सहजहिं चले सकल जग स्वामी। मत्त मंजु बर कुंजर गामी॥
He rose in all his natural innate grace, So imperious his carriage, just like an excited elephant.

उदित उदय गिरि मंच पर रघुबर बालपतंग।
बिकसे संत सरोज सब हरषे लोचन भृंग॥
Like the morning sun climbing the eastern peaks, So did Ram rise to ascend the dais. Rejoiced all the saints like so many lotus blooms, Their eyes filled with joy like awakening bees at dawn.

तब रामहि बिलोकि बैदेही। सभय हृदयँ बिनवति जेहि तेही॥
Then Sita daughter of Janak cast a glance towards Ram, Her Heart awash with anxiety Sita implored this god and that.

मनहीं मन मनाव अकुलानी। होहु प्रसन्न महेस भवानी॥
करहु सफल आपनि सेवकाई। करि हितु हरहु चाप गरुआई॥
Distraught, she prayed to them in her heart, "Be gracious to me O'Mahesh and Bhavani". "Reward my devoted service to you", "And favor me by lightening the weight of your bow".

गननायक बर दायक देवा। आजु लगें कीन्हिउँ तुअ सेवा॥
बार बार बिनती सुनि मोरी। करहु चाप गुरुता अति थोरी॥
"O'Ganesh, Chief of Shiva's attendents And bestower of boons, It is for this day that I served you with devotion". "Hear the supplications I make again and yet again and, Reduce the weight of the bow to a mere trifle".

तन मन बचन मोर पनु साचा। रघुपति पद सरोज चितु राचा॥
"If I am true to my vow in thought, word and deed", "And if my heart be true to the lotus feet of Ram".

तौ भगवानु सकल उर बासी। करिहि मोहि रघुबर कै दासी॥
जेहि कें जेहि पर सत्य सनेहू। सो तेहि मिलइ न कछु संदेहू॥
"Then God, who dwells in the hearts of all will make me the handmaiden of Ram. For wherever souls are bound in true affection, their union is sure to follow, with never a doubt."

राम बिलोके लोग सब चित्र लिखे से देखि।
चितई सीय कृपायतन जानी बिकल बिसेषि॥
Then, Ram first looked at the crowd of spectators, And found them motionless like still, painted pictures. As he turned his eyes towards Sita, the most gracious lord perceived that Sita was deeply distressed.

देखी बिपुल बिकल बैदेही। निमिष बिहात कलप सम तेही।
तृषित बारि बिनु जो तनु त्यागा। मुएँ करइ का सुधा तड़ागा॥
Seeing Sita in such distress, every passing moment felt like eternity to Ram. When a thirsty man dies for want of water, Of what avail is a lake of nectar to him once he's dead.

का बरषा सब कृषी सुखानें। समय चुकें पुनि का पछितानें॥
अस जियँ जानि जानकी देखी। प्रभु पुलके लखि प्रीति बिसेषी॥
What use the rain when the whole crop has withered, What gains repentence when opportunity is lost. (This is one of Tulsidas' famous doha).
Reflecting inwardly thus, Ram looked at Sita, And thrilled all over, at her singular steadfast love.

गुरहि प्रनामु मनहिं मन कीन्हा। अति लाघवँ उठाइ धनु लीन्हा॥
Inwardly, he bowed to his wise preceptor, Vishwamitr, And, took up the bow with utmost ease and agility.

लेत चढ़ावत खैंचत गाढ़े। काहुँ न लखा देख सबु ठाढ़ें॥
तेहि छ्न राम मध्य धनु तोरा। भरे भुवन धुनि घोर कठोरा॥
No one could estimate how quickly Ram lifted the bow, stretched the string and put it on the bow. And, then he broke the bow from the middle that filled the universe with its strong sound.

That's how Sita swayamvar ends with the marriage of Sita and Ram.

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Anonymous said...

Incarnately true - for wherever souls are bound in true affection, their union is sure to follow, with never a doubt. As for Sita & Ram. Alas! narrations depicts , a single pointing makes sita go inside earth too ???
a lesson for this living world - human does not go in moments of turning unpleasant eyes, gain repentences to perceive deeply distressed united souls.
The steadfast optimism thrills that lost opportunity does come back all over again for refined goodness .