Saturday, December 13, 2008

Ramayan's pearls of wisdom

There is no other inspirational source better than Ramayan for the best virtues of human life. Everytime I recite Ramcharitmanas or play the Ramanand Sagar's Ramayan DVD, I can't stop getting overwhelmed by the words and characters of the sacred text. In fact, the words that I never understood became more clear after watching the DVD and rekindling the memories of my childhood. Each and every word of Ramayan is filled with knowledge that should be adopted and kept in mind always. Here are a few instances:

When Ram and Lakshaman accompany guru Vishwamitr to the swayamvar of Sita upon receiving king Janak's invitation, the kings and princes present in Janak's sabha ridiculed both brothers, saying guru has brought two kids to tie the string on the bow. At that time, Tulsidas says, जाकी रही भावना जैसी, प्रभु मूरत देखि तिन तैसी। Fools were busy making fun of Ram when he got up and proceeded towards the bow. Tulsidas says, the bow became heavier and heavier for the kings with their ego and arrogance.

When Ram tied the bow string and then broke the Shiv Dhanush with little power, the strong vibrations from the bow reached lord Parashuram who arrived angrily at the scene. After he got ready to fight a war on Lakshman's arguments, Ram came forward to apologize and accept his punishment. Parashuram even ridiculed Ram and called him a manipulator and trying to protect their faults. But, Ram gave him an answer that hypnotized lord Parashuram and he saw lord Vishnu in Ram. Ram offered himself for the punishment and said... जोऊ लरिका कछु अचगरि करहीं। गुर पितु मात मोद मन भरहीं ॥ Thus he saved Lakshman from Parashuram's anger. Ram called himself a sevak and Parashuram a brahmin (विप्र). Ram said, as a Chhatriya, he only had one quality in his bow but as a brahim, Parashuram had nine qualities (शम, दम, तप, शौच, क्षमा, सरलता, ज्ञान, विज्ञान और आस्तिकता). And, he said, बिप्रबंस कै असि प्रभुताई। अभय होई जो तुम्हहि डराई॥ Meaning that the greatness of his vipravansh was such that invincibles also were frightened by him. श्री रघुनाथ जी के ऐसे कोमल और रहस्यपूर्ण वचन सुनते ही परशुराम जी ने उनमें नारायण भगवान् का रूप देखा और उनकी बुद्धि के पट खुल गए। Then, lord Parashuram asked, hey ramapati (or Lakshmipati), I have a lord Vishnu's bow that you should pull to remove all my doubts. Tulsidas recites it, राम रमापति कर धन लेहू। खैंचहु चाप मिटे संदेहू॥ And, Ram does the same and Parashuram bows to Ram with a heart filled with love and joy.

[To be continued...]

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Anonymous said...

It is for all pearls of wisdom, people own Ramayan book in home & read /recite its chapters time & again to seek continuity of inspiration . And, to be in reminding mode they keep Ram Parivar murti.DVD displays broad but not all depictions from this sacred book.
The instances quoted about ridiculing Ram in sabha ; & soft words spoken to parshuram with one quality vs nine ;& obeying to pull lord vishnu-bow where impeccably Tulsidas ji recited - love & joy prevailed .