Thursday, February 5, 2009

लौकी - The "Heart-felt" Vegetable

Lauki (or Bottle Gourd) is the best medicine for heart. It can open up the clogged arteries when consumed in sufficient quantities. There are many recipes for this vegetable. However, the fastest and easiest way to gain benefits is by consuming its juice. Do this at least 3 times a day for 15-20 days.

Lauki juice can be made after grating the vegetable, preferably in kaddu kas (no idea, what you'd call in English). After you get the soft grated fibers of Lauki, you squeeze them using any kitchen tool, e.g. big garlic/lemon press. You can also use big spoons etc. That way, you will collect enough juice into different container. This vegetable contains lots of water. So, you shouldn't have a problem with the quantity. Also, mix some Tulsi (Basil) and Pudina (Mint) juice, if available.

Now, it's not fun to drink this thing on a daily basis. So, it's recommended that you put some ground black pepper and black salt for your taste. Instead, you can squeeze a lemon or few honey drops as well.

Besides the above remedy, you should also take few tablets of Arjuna bark powder, available in many shops. The scientific name of this tree is Terminalia Arjuna, very widely grown in India. Also, few cloves of raw garlic in the morning will keep the cholesterol levels low.

Disclaimer: This is a natural ayurvedic formula. I am no doctor. Please see a doctor for an emergency.

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Anonymous said...

it is a great useful knowledge about lauki juice & how to prepare it -that u have highlighted here . yes ! Post heart byepass sugery also, it will help keep opened clogged arteries if any, so have to keep taking 3 times a day for many days with few cloves of raw Garlic as mentioned in ur premulative para . supplementing with Arjuna bark powder will not do any harm & may help guarding Pnueomonia which can come up post heart operation. great thanks to u dear for this noble info. on ur blog.