Thursday, July 30, 2009

Power of Imagination

What can imagination do for you? Just imagine and you might find out:

Imagination is powered by our experiences, intuition and a powerful inner tool called brain. The brain is very much programmed for survival instincts first and then, for any other needs. The signals received by this organ are analyzed in this order before any instructions are sent out to other organs in millions per second. These instincts of survival give the body its resilience in adverse circumstances. Through experiences, we have survived by being wary of the unwanted situations using these survival instincts. Evolution process has strengthened these instincts. Nothing comes before the survival is ensured. These instincts are always present in our minds and make us argue against any 'non-normal' imagination to keep us from 'unknown harm'. That's why, accomplishing certain 'unimaginable' wonders outside of our normal functions requires training of this brain under discipline. Very few venture in such training.

But, what would require such training? Imagine the following circumstances:

* Strong desire to succeed -- Be it in your life, ventures or even relationships. Strong positive desire can do wonders. But, mind, being surrounded by survival instincts including fear, also presents negative results. History is full of examples of continuous failures of people who just did not know how to give up. Their persistence and determination brought bigger obstacles to knees. To achieve such miracles, brain must be trained to withstand long periods of hard work (or penance) because good things do require a test of the strength of your desire.

* Painful experience of the body and/or mind -- Normal would be to cope with the grief in stages over time. Extra would be accept it sooner as destiny and search for a 'worthy' lesson outside of own emotions. Every experience is part of the process that has sharpened our survival instincts. The training of the mind also comes during these periods. In dirt hides the diamond. You just have to find these diamonds, polish them and then you'll see their real beauty in the broader picture of life.

* Fear of change -- This is what keeps people stay put. Not many like the change because of its unknown parameters and consequences. But, as Gita says, 'Change is the law of Nature'. If you lose your own stubbornly-held perspective, you can dream and imagine the possibilities of the future. Actually put yourself in the shoe of the other person to understand their reaction/behavior. But, when the fear of change sets in you, introspect to learn what good will it bring after the change. Same goes for relationships. As we grow older, some habits start to firm up around which everyone searches for compatibility. But, what ensures easier match is the flexibility in our approach towards the other and some imagination of great unseen possibilities.

It is very hard to imagine any bad event is for your own good. And, if you appreciate the gift of life enough, you will later understand how that event was 'good' in shaping the course of your life. Our granths have repeatedly advised us to have faith and remember the impermanence of life. This brings coherence in our thought process and removes the curtain of doubt, fear and negativity.

Albert Einstein once said, "Imagination is more important than knowledge. For while knowledge defines all we currently know and understand, imagination points to all we might yet discover and create."

On the other note, think about what Blaise Pascal said, "Imagination disposes of everything; it creates beauty, justice, and happiness, which are everything in this world."

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