Saturday, November 14, 2009

"Farsighted" Vision

Walking through a dark forest inhabiting lions and snakes, would you be looking at your steps or at a distance? If you look out for the lions at a distance, you may step over a snake unknowingly. But, if you just watch where you step, you may unwittingly walk up to a waiting lion's face. So, which one would you prefer -- a snakebite or a lionkill? In the humor above, my point is, would you or should you overlook the small for the big? This example just highlights the importance of far-sight. And, of course not in the crude way it is questioned above...

This brings us to the importance of vision. It creates a power to see beyond present circumstances and create what does not yet exist. As Covey says, it gives us capacity to live out of our imagination instead of our memory.

If our vision is based on illusion, we make choices that fail to create quality-of-life results that we expect. We become disillusioned and cynical and don't trust our dreams anymore. If our vision is partial based only on economic and social needs ignoring mental and spiritual needs, we make choices that lead to imbalance. If our vision is based on the social mirror, we make choices based on expectation of others and living out their scripts.

Vision has a passion that empowers us to trascend fear, doubt, discouragement and other that keep us from accomplishment. The passion of shared vision empowers people to transcend the petty, negative interactions that consume so much time and effort and deplete quality of life. So, if you don't have it, make a vision for yourself today and refine it as you sail through your daily journey. And, if you already have one, learn to evaluate interruptions as no more than just minor obstacles while keeping eyes on your vision. And, Have faith in the promises of tomorrow.

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