Friday, November 6, 2009

A Way to Conquer...

Small steps in right direction always bring success and victory, if you remain resilient to life's tests. This is how it is. Everyone is tested. Important is that we understand our shortcomings in facing these tests.

This topic, though, is about conquering your bad habits. Only when you realize the existence of such bad habits, you will acknowledge the need to slowly overcome them. Bad habits that are natural such as anger, laziness are equally bad as are acquired bad habits. One way to conquer them is to write down the circumstances that invoke those bad feelings or habits in your journal. Then, it's again important to review them later. As they say, the useful purpose of any accounting lies in its review. Until you revisit the past actions, you'll not discover any patterns leading you into such feelings or habits. You may even realize what exactly triggers such feelings over which you lose momentary control. That's why the secret of your victory lies in finding this non-obvious through your own introspection.

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